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Dewdrop is our miniature unicorn, who can often be spotted making appearances at our local schools, nursing homes, hospitals and community events. 
Dewdrop, aka "Dewey," has enjoyed working as a therapy horse for most of his l
ife. He is "potty-trained" and virtually "bomb-proof," which makes him the perfect pint-sized equine to make house-calls.  He and his human, Danielle have recently registered with Pet Partners as a therapy animal team and volunteer with those in need as often as their schedules allow. 

Daydream Duchess
Duchess is our unicorn in-training. She is just 18months so very much a baby still, but we have been so impressed with her sweet, curious and calm demeanor. She is a beautiful little horse and we are so excited to see her grow! Daydream, aka "Duchess" or "Dreamy," is so fun to watch and is very eager to make new friends. Little kids are her favorite and we look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to her. 

Cloud 9 
Cloud is the ultimate unicorn. He is something out of a dream, that must be seen in person to fully appreciate. He is affectionate, strong and majestic. Cloud is somewhat of a celebrity, with adoring fans from all over the world. He is the only registered Gypsy Vanner stallion with the cremello-roan gene! It's crazy to think this special gorgeous guy was neglected and abused for a period of time...even with all the hurt he went through, he is so sweet, intuitive and gaining back his confidence. We are so happy to have the opportunity to provide him all the love he so rightfully deserves. Welcome to your forever home, sweet boy!  

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